Extra Curricular Clubs

Our Clubs

At The Winterton Federation we are very proud of the exciting and diverse range of clubs that are on offer both at lunch times and after school.  We appreciate immensely that our staff members give up so much of their spare time to provide these extra-curricular activities through our very popular federation clubs.  Staff find running their clubs a very rewarding experience as it allows them to see the children in a different setting and enables all participants, both adult and child, to get to know each other in a more relaxed environment through a shared passion and interest.

Here are some of the clubs we may offer throughout the year;




Book Swap




Dodge ball






Martial Arts



Sports skills

Street beat


Information regarding the term’s clubs is shared with the children initially in assembly, where they are invited, if interested, to collect initial interest letters to take and share with adults at home.  Once these are returned, the adult who will be running the club collates the names of all interested parties and sends out the appropriate information to those children who have been successful in securing a place. (Sometimes places are limited so clubs may only be open to certain year groups or be on a ‘first come first served’ basis.) Clubs can run all year; termly or half termly or, as with Gardening Club, seasonally.
We endeavour to ensure that all clubs are held regularly every week; however, there are unavoidable occasions when clubs have to be cancelled (eg. staff illness).  If a club is to be cancelled, we try to give as much notice as possible to avoid any inconvenience and disappointment being caused.